Types of Markets

The landscaping industry is a large one. To help our clients make the best decisions, here are industries we’re proficient in:


Therapeutic/Customized Landscaping

No matter the size of land available for your healthcare facility, we can design something unique that addresses your needs. We’re proud to service various healthcare facilities in Indianapolis. We can create a unique landscape in these forms:

  • Hardscape designs that can accommodate stones, bridges, pathways, and fountains in your property.
  • Florals and Shrubbery to give you a vibrant green serene.
  • Flexible water features that can fit into any property size.

We’re open and taking bookings, feel free to contact us.


Promote Workplace Wellness

Our experts can transform the appearance of your property while enhancing the mood of employees/clients via a serene environment. It includes:

  • Hardscaping
  • Ground maintenance
  • Plant bed edging and mulch applications.
  • Seasonal flower color and rotation.

DALPON can provide landscaping services for curb appeal in your commercial property.


Modern Landscaping Technology

DALPON is well equipped to provide custom solutions to any landscaping needs of your hospitality business.

We’ve served several facilities throughout Indianapolis, let aesthetics be one less thing you should worry about in your business. Our team can provide:

  • Theme park designs
  • Cost efficient maintenance
  • Ornamental Care
  • Snow/ice management services

Feel free to call our experts to discuss your requirements.

Sports and Leisure

Reactive/Planned Maintenance

Whether it’s a private gym, Charity, educational sports facility, or leisure center, DALPON experts can provide the following services:

  • Yoga Landscape Installation
  • Tree Surgery
  • Jet Washing
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Custom services as per your facility needs.

We’re open and taking bookings, feel free to contact us.


Increased Sales for Past Clients

The economy of Indianapolis is expanding and retail competition for revenue is high. Drive your business and enhance your customer’s experience by creating a welcoming environment. We offer:

  • Theme planning/designs
  • Lighting
  • Flower plantings
  • Construction

To ensure brand consistency and maintain an inviting space, DALPON offers seasonal services with low-cost maintenance.


About The Industry

In 2021, the market size of the landscaping industry is worth over $105 billion

It has an increased rate of 5% compared to last year in the employment sector.

Landscaping can add as much as 15% resale value to your residential or commercial property.

Professional landscaping can save you over 20% on energy bills.

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