About Us

About Us

Welcome to Dalpon Lawn Care

Our modest entry into landscaping was marked by serving households in Indianapolis. Now, with numerous lawn projects, stone pathways, irrigation, tree trimming, garden design, and handling the toughest commercial landscaping problem, our team combines Dalpon’s rich history with a focus on providing remarkable value and the highest quality landscaping services.

Dalpon Lawn Care’s success is due to its team’s dedication to excellent project delivery and customer service that exceeds expectations. We aim to be your go-to Landscapers for any form of ground management services. We tune into your property aesthetic goals and build long term relationships.

Explore and Get to know Our Journey

When Did We Start?

Dalpon has been in business for over 10 years, now with a team of proven, experienced, and enthusiastic professionals who advise and help commercial property owners in Indianapolis to design, develop, maintain, and enhance their commercial landscape property.

We Are

Locally owned and operated business certified MBE in the State of Indiana.

Where Are We Now?

No matter the size of your commercial property, our team and professional ground managers are up to the task. Whether you're looking to Maintenance or enhance your property to welcome guests and surprise them with the look of your property, Dalpon can handle it.

We Belive In

Residential and Commercial Landscaping Delivered to Perfection.

High-Quality Service

We commit to providing the highest quality services to all our customers no matter the size of the property. We believe property managers should feel like they are walking in their backyard any day of the year.

Building Partnerships

We believe customers should be threatened as partners with their current and future needs in mind. We can accommodate the current budget and future enhancement plans.

Team Development

Investing in the training and development of all our team members to improve their skills in the field but also make new technology available to them. Our team process enhances problem-solving skills no matter the level of expertise.

Integrated Solution

The complete Dalpon approach solution incorporates a comprehensive understanding of our client's needs. Our approach is beneficial to most of our projects, as we are connected to a highly efficient workflow.

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